Starting Money and Equipment


Mindwalker                          $100/Personality

Combat Specialist               $150/Personality

Free Agent / Tech Op          $200/Personality

Diplomat                               $300/Personality

Depending on career chosen you may have additional equipment.


                To attract colonists every human or fraal character between 22 and 27 can operate under what is called The Compact.  The Compact gives you 50000 credits plus starting money and a free ride to the nebula.  You cannot leave the nebula until the 50000 credits are repaid (it is interest free however).   The Compact is a legal contract between The Concord and the recipient and is only available to human and fraal characters.  If you play a Compact character then you should choose one of the Stellar Nations currently in The Concord to come from.  You can play a character not under The Compact, and remnants of the original Core Worlds survive in The Verge, but most native Vergers will choose to be independent.

Starting Money and Equipment

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