Human Mutations


                Humans are subject to mutation.  There are 4 recognized mutant strains that breed true that a character can play at the cost of the humans 5 bonus skill points and extra broad skill.

Concord Shock Trooper  Increased Metabolism, Improved Reflexes, Adrenal Control with the flaw of slight             Reduced Will.  (3 Mutation points, 1 Drawback points)

Vacuum  Thin Atmosphere Adaptation, Improved Dexterity and Radiation Tolerance and the flaws of High Gravity               Sensitivity and Weak Immune System (4 Mutation points, 2 Drawback points)

High G  Hyper Strength, Gravity Adaptation, Improved Constitution with the flaws of Weak Immune System and   Minor Physical Change (5 Mutation point, 3 Drawback points)

Thulden Warlion  Enhanced Strength,  Redundant Vital Organs and Night Vision with the drawbacks of Minor        Physical Change (5 Mutation points, 2 Drawback)


If you wish to tailor make your mutation you can have up to 7 Mutation points, but must choose a number of drawback points equal to your mutation points -1.  You must be human and lose the extra broad skill and skill point’s humans gain.

Human Mutations

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