Each character can choose two careers he or she followed prior to the game.  Each career reduces the cost of certain skills by 1.  This is in addition to the profession and background skill reduced cost.  A career can be chosen twice and reduces the relevant skills by 2 and any skill that occurs on both lists has its costs reduced by 2. This skill discount only applies at character generation.  If you acquire the ranks following associated with the career you can gain the equipment listed or gain an additional increment of starting money.  However, depending on what your group do you will be considered to be pursuing varying careers as the game progresses?




Ambassador  Administration, Culture, Interaction:

Law(Court Proc)1, Administrator(Bureac)1, Awareness(Perception)1, Culture(Diplomacy)1, Culture (2 separate Ettiquetes)2, Deception(Bluff)1, Interaction(Charm)1: Formal Wear with antiscan weave, Data Slate 

Antiquarian  Knowledge, Investigate, Social Science

Astral Explorer  Knowledge, Resolve, Telepathy:

Knowledge(Psionics2), Resolve(Mental2), Telepathy(Psychic Proj3):  Guard Animal, Padlock, Surveillance gear

Belter  Acrobatics, Armor Ops, System Ops

Biokinetisist  Biokinesis, Knowledge, Resolve

Biokinesis(Heal3, Morph1, Transfer Damage2, Rejuvenate1), Knowledge(firstaid1)

Biowarrior  Biokinesis, Leadership, Melee Weapon

Melee(bludgeon2), Biokinesis(Bioweapon2, Control Metabolism1, Rejuvenate1), Leadership

Bloodhound  Awareness, ESP, Resolve

Unarmed, Stamina(Endurance1), Tactics, Awareness(Intuition1, Perception1), Resolve(Physical1), ESP:  Comlink, Restraints

Bodyguard  Awareness, Ranged Weapons (Modern), Security :

Modern Ranged(Pistol)2, Security(Prot Protocol)1, Awareness(Perception)1: 11mm charge Pistol, Comm Gear, CF Short Coat

Bounty Hunter  Investigate, Ranged Weapons (Modern), Stealth:

Ranged Weapons(Pistols1), Stealth(Shadow1), Investigate(Track1), Interaction(Interview1): SMG, Attack Armor, Sensor Gauntlet

Brawler  Melee Weapons, Street Smart, Unarmed Attack:

Melee Weapons, Unarmed(Brawl)2, Street Smart: Combat Knife, Truncheon

Clairvoyant  Awareness, Resolve, ESP

ESP (Clairaudience2, Clairvoyance3, Postcognition2):  Free Liscence for ESP

Comptech  Computer Science, Systems Ops, Technical Science:

Computer Science(Hacking1, Hardware2, Programming1), Tech Science(Repair1, Tech Know1):Marg qual Microcomputer, 2 marg programs, 1 ord program

Corporate Security Specialist  Ranged Weapons (Modern), Security, System Ops:

Modern Ranged(Pistol)2, Knowledge(Deduce)1, Security(Security Devices)1, System Ops (Sensors, Defenses)1; 11mm Charge Pistol, CF Long Coat

Cleric  Knowledge, Leadership, Resolve:

Knowledge(First Aid)2, Knowledge (Doctrine)1, Resolve(Mental)1, Teach, Culture(Ettiqute)1, Leadership(Inspire): Holy Item, Holy Book

Con Artist  Deception, Interaction, Street Smart

Concord Administrator  Administration, Law, Leadership

Melee weapons(Powered1), Modern(pistol1), Law(Courtproc1, enforcement2), Administration (Burec1, Mangement1), Leadership(Command2): Formal wear with antiscan weave, Datapad, Tri-Staff

Corporate Executive  Administration, Buisness, Deception

Buisness(Corporate3), Knowledge(Computerop1), Administration(Bureac2, Management2), Deception:  Nice Vehicle, Formal Wear with antiscan weave, Dataslate

Corsair  Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons (Modern), Street Smarts

Melee(blade1), Modern(pistol1), Vehicle Ops(Space1), Street Smarts (Criminal1)

Debunker  Awareness, Lore, Investigation:

Manipulation(Pres1),  Knowledge(deduce1), Lore(Occult1), Awareness(Intuition1, Perception2), Investigate(Search2), Street Smart, Deception(Bluff1):  Surveilance Gear

Dillettante  Culture, Deception, Knowledge

Doctor  Knowledge, Life Science, Medical Science:

Med Science (Med Know1, Surgery2, Treatment2): Surgical Kit, First Aid Kit, Medical Gauntlet, Medical Liscence

Engineer  Awareness, Systems Ops, Technical Science:

Knowledge(ComputerOp1), System Ops(Engineering1), Tech Science(JuryRig2, Repair2, Techknow2), Awareness(Perception1): Computer Gauntlet, Toolkit, Soft E suit

Empath  Awareness, ESP, Interaction:

Medical(Psychology1), Awareness(Intuition2, Perception1), Interaction(Interview3), ESP: Comlink

Entertainer  Awareness, Entertainment, Interaction:

Awareness(Intuition)2, Deception(Bluff)1, Entertainment(Act2, Sing2, Musical Inst1), Interaction(Seduce2, Charm1): Performing Props

ESPion  ESP, Investigate, Knowledge

ESP, Knowledge(Deduce1)

Explorer  Movement, Navigation, Survival:

Modern Ranged(Rifle1), Vehicle Ops(Space1), Movement(Trailblazing1), Survival(Surv Train1), Navigation(Surface1): Battle Vest, 11mm charge rifle, Beat Up Trader Ship

Field Agent  Investigate, Law, Ranged Weapons (Modern):

Modern Ranged (Pistol1), Knowledge (Compops1, Deduce1), Law (Enforcement2), Administration(Bur1), Investigate(Interogate1, Search1): 9mm charge pistol, Black Utility Hovervan, Surveilance Gear

Facillitator  Deception, Interaction, Street Smart

Firestarter  Demolitions, Street Smart, Telekinsis

Athletics(Throw1), Demolitions(Set Explosive1), Knowledge(first aid2), Street Smart(criminal1), Telekinesis(Pyrokinesis3):  First Aid Kit, Bomb Making kit

First Contact Consul  Awareness, Culture, Life Science:

Life Science(Xeonology1), Awareness(Intuition2, Perception1), Culture (Diplomacy2, Etiquette1, First Contact2): Sensor Gauntlet, Soft esuit, Holorecorder

Gambler  Deception, Interaction,  Manipulation:

Manipulation(Pickpocket1), Deception(Bluff2, Gamble2), Interaction(Charm2,Seduce1): Flashy Clothes, Small Pistol, Lucky Token

Graduate Psi Student  ESP, Life Science, Telepathy

Knowledge(First Aid1), Life Science, Awareness(Intuition1), ESP, Telepathy(Mind Shield1, Psychic Armor1, Suggest1): Briefcase computer, Surveilance equipment

Guide/ Scout  Animal Handling, Movement, Survival

Movement(Swim1, Trailblazing2), Stamina(endurance1), Survival(Survival training1), Animal Handling(Animal ride1), Vehicle Ops(Land1), Knowledge(First Aid1)

Gunner  Heavy Weapons, System Ops, Technical Science:

Heavy Weapons(Direct)2, System Ops(Defenses, Weapons)1, Tech Science(Repair)1: Heavy Machine Gun, Battle Vest, Toolkit

Hacker  Computer Science,  Securtity, Systems Ops:

Computer Science (Hacking2, Hardware1, Programming2), Security(Prot Prot1, Devices1):Ordinary Microcomputer or Marginal Nanocomputer/Gridcaster, 1 Marg program, 2 Ord programs


Knowledge(Firstaid2), Medical (Knowledge1, Surgery1), Biokinesis (Heal2, Rejuvenate1, Transfer Damage2):  Free medical and psionic liscence for Biokinesis

Helmsman  Navigation, Systems Ops, Technical Science

Vehicle Ops(Space1), Systems Ops(Communications1, Sensors1, Weapons2), Navigation(System1, Drivespace1), Technical(Repair1)

Housecleaner  ESP, Interaction, Resolve

Knowledge(deduce2), Awareness(Intuition2), Investigate, Resolve(Mental1), Interaction (Charm1, Interview2), ESP:  Pseudoscientific gizmos

Investigator  Investigate, Stealth, Street Smart

Modern(Pistol1), Stealth(shadow1), Knowledge(Computerops1, Deduce1), Investigate(Search1), Street Smart(Knowledge2)

Law Enforcer Investigate, Law, Ranged Weapons (Modern):

Melee Weapons(Bludgeon)1, Modern Ranged(Pistol)1, Law, Investigate (Interogate)1: Night Stick, .38 Revolver, Battle Vest

Martial Artist  Acrobatics, Resolve, Unarmed Attack: 

Melee Weapons, Unarmed (Power MA)1, Acrobatics(Dodge)1, Stamina(Endurance)1, Resolve(Physical)1: Katana or Nunchuks

Mercenary  Armor Ops, Interaction, Ranged Weapons (Modern):

Armor Ops(Combat)1, Modern Ranged (SMG)2, Interaction (Bargain, Intimidate)1: Attack Armor, 9mm SMG, rations, survival gear

Military Officer  Administration, Leadership, Tactics

Armorops(Powered1), Modern(Pistol1), Tactics(Infantry1), Administration(Bureac1), Leadership(Command2):  Battlejacket, 9mm charge pistol, HUD Helmet

Militiaman  Demolition, Ranged Weapons (Modern), Survival

Mindfighter  Ranged Weapons (Modern), Resolve, Telepathy

Modern Ranged(Pistol1), Stamina(Endurance1, Resist Pain1), Resolve(Mental2), Street Smart, Interaction(Intimidate1), Telepathy (Shield1, Mindblast2): Fighting Costume, Painkillers, Taser

Mind Knight  Resolve, Telekinesis, Telepathy

Telekinesis(Psychokinesis1), Telepathy(Contact2, Blast2, Shield2)

Mystic  ESP, Resolve, Teach


Naval Officer  Leadership, Navigation, System Ops

Modern(Pistol1), Vehicle Ops(Space1), Navigation(Drivespace1, System1), System Ops(Communications1, Sensors1), Tactics, Administration(Bureac1), Leadership(Command1):

Occultist  Interaction, Investigate, Lore

Outlaw  Ranged Weapons (Modern), Securtiy, Street Smarts

Modern(Pistol1), Security, Street Smarts(Criminal Elements1)

Paranormal Investigator  Deception, Investigate, Stealth

Ranged Modern(Pistol1),  Stealth(Shadow1, Sneak1), Knowledge (Psionics1), Awareness(Perception1), Investigate(Search1), Deception(Bluff1, Bribe1), Interaction(Interview2):  Surveilance Equipment, 9mm charge pistol

Pilot  Navigation, System Ops, Vehicle Ops:

Modern Ranged(Pistol1), Vehicle Ops (Air1, Space1), Knowledge(ComputerOPs1), Navigation(System Astrogation1), System Ops: Jumpsuit, 9mm charge pistol, Small Trader

Private Investigator  Investigate,  Stealth, Street Smart

Professional Thief  Manipulation, Security, Stealth

Psi Agent  Interaction, Ranged Weapons (Modern), Telepathy

Psientist  Biokinesis, ESP, Telepathy

Knowledge(Deduce1, Psionics1), Life Science, Physical Science, Resolve(mental1), Biokinesis(control metab1), ESP, Psychoportaion(Alter Speed1), Telepathy(contact1, Mind Shield1):  Degree, Lab

Psiguard  Security, Ranged Weapons (Modern), Telekinesis

Modern(Pistol1), Security(Prot prot2), Telekinesis(Electrokinesis2, Levitation, Photokinetics2), Interaction(Charm1), Knowledge(Computerops1)

Psi Hunter  Ranged Weapons (Modern), Resolve, Unarmed

Unarmed(Power1), Modern(Pistol1, SMG1, Rifle1), Stealth, Knowledge(FirstAid1), Security, Resolve(Mental1), Street Smart:  9mm Pistol, Handcuffs, Battle Vest, Psiscanner, Antipsi drugs, Psionic shield

Psi Officer  ESP, Telekinsis, Telepathy

Melee, Modern(Pistol1), Law, Investigate, ESP, Telekinesis (Kineticshield2), Telepathy(contact1, empathic proj1, Psychic Armor1): Nightstick, 9mm pistol, Handcuffs, Battle Vest, Psirestraint

Psi Spy  ESP, Deception, Investigate

Security, Systems Ops, Awareness(Perception1), Investigate(Search1), Resolve(Mental1), Culture, Deception(Bluff3), Interaction(charm1), ESP:  False ID, Comlink,

Psi Tech  ESP, Technical Science, Telekinesis

Computer Science(Hardware1), Knowledge(Psionics1), Technical(Invention2, Repair1, Knowledge1), ESP, Telekinesis(Psychokinesis1): Comlink, Toolkit

Psi Trooper  Biokinesis, Resolve, Telekinesis

Unarmed(Power1), Modern Ranged, Knowledge(Firstaid1), Tactics, Resolve(Mental1), Biokinesis(Heal1), Telekinesis(Kineticblow1, Pyschokinesis1, Pyrokinetics1): 9mm SMG, Grenade Launcher, Assault Gear

Psionic Attorney  ESP, Law, Telepathy

Knowledge(Computerops1), Law(Court2, Psionics1), Resolve(Mental1), Deception, Interaction(Bargain1, Charm1, Interview1), ESP, Telepathy (Contact1, Mindshield2): Law liscence, Ordinary computer, Comlink, Psidamper

Psionic Bodyguard  ESP, Ranged Weapons (Modern), Telekinesis

Armor Ops, Unarmed, Modern(Pistol2), Awareness(perception1), ESP, Telekinesis (Kinetic Shield3): Battle Jacket, 9mm charge pistol, Comlink

Psionic Faciliatator  ESP, Resolve, Telepathy

Buisness(Corporate1), Law, Administration, Resolve(Mental1), Deception(bluff1), Interaction(bargain1), ESP, Telepathy (Contact1, Mind Shield2):  Ordinary Computer, Briefcase, Comlink

Psychic  Deception, ESP, Interaction:

Knowledge(psionics1), Lore(Occult2), Deception(Bluff2), Interaction(Bargain1, Interview1), ESP: Divining ‘Trappings’

Reporter  ` Creativity, Interaction, Investigate:

Administration, Creativity(Journalism1), Investigate(Track1), Interaction(Interview1): Holorecorder, Data Slate

Scholar  Awareness, Investigate, Any one science

Knowledge(Deduce1, Computer ops1), Life Science, Physical Science, Tech Science, Awareness(Intuition1, Perception1): Ord computer, Ord program, 9mm pistol, rations

Sanctioned Telepath  Interaction, Resolve, Telepathy

Knowledge (Computer Ops1, at least 2 languages at 3),  Awareness(Intuition1, Perception1), Resolve(Mental2), Culture(diplomacy1), Interaction(Bargain1, Charm1, Interview1), Telepathy (Contact2, Suggest1):  Free Psionic Liscence for Telepathy, Ordinary Computer, Comlink

Scientist  Investigate, System Ops, 1 Science of your choice

Knowledge (CoputerOps1, Deduce1), Science (5 ranks among specialties), System Ops(Communications1, Sensors1), Investigate:  Sensor Gauntlet, Microcomputer, Instrument Pack

Soldier  Armor Ops, Ranged Weapons (Modern), Tactics:

Armor Ops, Modern Ranged(Rifle)1, Survival, Tactics(Infantry)1: Assault Rifle, Battle Jacket, Rations, Survival Gear

Smuggler  Buisness, Deception, Interaction

Vehicle Ops(Space1), Buisness(Illicit2), Deception(Bluff1, Bribe2), Interaction(Bargain1, Taunt1)

Spacehand  Ranged Weapons (Modern), Technical Science, Vehicle Ops:

Unarmed(Brawl)1, Modern Ranged(Pistol)1, Tech Science(JuryRig)1,Vehicle Ops(Space)1: Toolkit, Soft Esuit, 9mm zerog charge pistol

Spy  Athletics, Interaction, Stealth:

Athletics(Climb1), Modern Ranged(Pistol1), Manipulation, Stealth(Sneak1), Interaction(Interview, Seduce2): Surveilance Gear, Antiscan weave clothing, 9mm charge pistol

Star Knight  ESP, Melee, Resolve

Steet Punk  Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons (Modern), Unarmed Attack

Stellar Noble  Buisness, Culture, Deception

Cultrure(Diplomacy1, Etiquette2), Deception(Bribe2, Gamble1), Buisness(corporate1)

Swindler  Deception, Interaction, Manipulation

Manipulation(Pickpoket1), Deception(Bluff2, Bribe1), Entertainment(Act1), Interaction(charm2)

Teke  Acrobatics, Manipulation, Telekinesis

Acrobatics(Dodge1), Manipultion, Telekinesis (Kinetic shield1,  Levitation3, Psychokinesis3):  Free liscence for telekinesis, Teke Toys

Teke Boxer  Resolve, Stamina, Unarmed

Unarmed(Power2), Stamina(Endurance2, Resist Pain1), Resolve(Physical1), Interaction(Intimidate1), Telekinsis (Blow2, Shield1): Boxing Gloves and Gear

Telekineticist  Ranged Weapons(Modern), Resolve, Telekinesis

Modern(Pistol1), Telekineis(Kinetic Shield2, Levitation1, Photokinesis1, Psychokinetics1, Pyrokinetics2)

Telepath  ESP, Telepathy, Resolve

ESP, Telepathy(Contact2, Illusion1, Suggest2)

Thief  Acrobatics, Security, Stealth

Acrobatics(Defensive1), Stealth(Hide1, Sneak1), Security(Prot Prot1, Devices2)

Trader  Buisness, Interaction, Ranged Weapons (Modern):

Modern Ranged(Pistol1), Buisness(Small1), Interaction(Bargain2):9mm charge pistol, CF Long Coat, Beat Up Trader Ship

Visionary  Awareness, Resolve, Social Science



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